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A brief introduction of the layer-Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker method for calculations of the frequency band structure of photonic crystals and of the transmission and reflection coefficients of light incident on slabs of such crystals is followed by two applications of the method. The first relates to the frequency band structure of metallodielectric composites(More)
Stacking faults appear to be the most common type of defect in inverted opals which are good candidates for photonic crystals with absolute gaps in the visible range of light. In this Letter we present for the first time a systematic study of the effect of stacking faults on the optical properties of self-assembled photonic crystals, by means of large-scale(More)
We demonstrate the existence of strong Anderson localization in certain disordered phononic systems. As a result, the transmission coefficient of elastic waves through a slab of the material practically vanishes, whatever the angle of incidence, over a region of frequency much wider than the absolute frequency gap of the corresponding ordered system. The(More)
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