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Optical and vibrational properties of novel self-assembled silver nanocolumns are studied experimentally and theoretically. The split of the surface plasmon resonance into transverse and longitudinal modes verifies the one-dimensional character of the nanocolumns. In this work, we have identified the acoustic vibration modes of the nanocolumns using Raman(More)
The first use of non-centrosymmetric Janus Au-TiO(2) photocatalysts in efficient, plasmon-enhanced visible-light hydrogen generation is demonstrated. The intense localization of plasmonic near-fields close to the Au-TiO(2) interface, coupled with optical transitions involving localized electronic states in amorphous TiO(2) brings about enhanced optical(More)
We report a facile chemical synthesis of well-defined gold nanocrosses through anisotropic growth along both <110> and <001>, whereas gold nanorods grow only along either <110> or <001>. The multiple branching was achieved by breaking the face-centered-cubic lattice symmetry of gold through copper-induced formation of single or double twins, and the(More)
In this letter, the ultrafast vibrational dynamics of individual gold nanorings has been investigated by femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy. Two acoustic vibration modes have been detected and identified. The influence of the mechanical coupling at the nanoparticle/substrate interface on the acoustic vibrations of the nano-objects is discussed.(More)
We propose subharmonic resonant optical excitation with femtosecond lasers as a new method for the characterization of phononic and nanomechanical systems in the gigahertz to terahertz frequency range. This method is applied for the investigation of confined acoustic modes in a free-standing semiconductor membrane. By tuning the repetition rate of a(More)
We report on the fabrication of monolayer MoS2-coated gold nanoantennas combining chemical vapor deposition, e-beam lithography surface patterning, and a soft lift-off/transfer technique. The optical properties of these hybrid plasmonic-excitonic nanostructures are investigated using spatially resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy. Off- and in-resonance(More)
Fabrication and synthesis of plasmonic structures is rapidly moving towards sub-nanometer accuracy in control over shape and inter-particle distance. This holds the promise for developing device components based on novel, non-classical electro-optical effects. Monochromated electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) has in recent years demonstrated its value(More)
In this Rapid Communication we report the first time-resolved measurements of confined acoustic phonon modes in free-standing Si membranes excited by fs laser pulses. Pump-probe experiments using asynchronous optical sampling reveal the impulsive excitation of discrete acoustic modes up to the 19th harmonic order for membranes of two different thicknesses.(More)
We investigate the acousto-plasmonic dynamics of metallic nano-objects by means of resonant Raman scattering and time-resolved femtosecond transient absorption. We observe an unexpectedly strong acoustic vibration band in the Raman scattering of silver nanocolumns, usually not found in isolated nano-objects. The frequency and the polarization of this(More)