A. Mirzaie Saba

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The aim of this paper is to present DEFIE (Disabled and Elderly people Flexible Integrated Environment) a project of the CEC to develop a multimedia integrated system that allows the elderly and motor and/or sensory impaired to command and control domestic and working environments with a high degree of self-sufficiency and safety. The goal of this study has(More)
In this paper, the modelling and control of an elastic actuator are investigated. First, the specifications of the actuator are defined and then a model of the actuator is presented reflecting the required specification. Further, the model is analysed and investigated to evaluate the specification of the system. Moreover, a control algorithm is proposed to(More)
Gait rehabilitation using body weight support on a treadmill is a recommended rehabilitation technique for neurological injuries, such as spinal cord injury. In this paper, a new robotic orthosis is presented for treadmill training. In the presented design the criteria such as low inertia of robot components, backdrivability, high safety and degrees of(More)
In today’s fast growing world, efficiency and speed plays a major role. Asynchronous design has been used to overcome various problems occurred due to synchronous architectures. An asynchronous high-performance Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA) that combines Four-Phase Dual-Rail (FPDR) protocol and Level-Encoded Dual-Rail (LEDR) protocol. FPDR protocol(More)
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