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—Since the 1990's, use of mobile phones has augmented worldwide generating a public concern as to whether frequent utilization of such devices is unsafe. This provoked EMF researchers to find suitable techniques of assessing radiation blueprint and exposure hazards if any. Most research groups focused on two techniques: experimental measurements and(More)
The main obstacle ahead of providing explicit quality of service guarantees for packet-switch wireless networks is the lack of channel model which represents channel in term of connection-level QoS metrics such as data rate, delay and delay violation probability. The recently proposed effective capacity [D. Wu et al, 2003] model for wireless channels which(More)
This paper proposes a natural gas-lift system to increases production efficiency in smart wells. The main idea is to design an appropriate controller that improves reservoir condition and increases the well cumulated oil production by controlling the daily gas-oil ratio (GOR). In the proposed system, the procedure of injecting gas is entered into the well(More)
This study was conducted to investigate use of renewable energy and materials in smallholder farming system of the Tafresh township of Iran. The population of the study consisted of 2,400 small farmers working in the smallholder farming systems of the area, in which 133 people were selected as sample using Cochran formula and simple random sampling(More)
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