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Monte Carlo methods, in particular Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, have become increasingly important as a tool for practical Bayesian inference in recent years. A wide range of algorithms is available, and choosing an algorithm that will work well on a specific problem is challenging. It is therefore important to explore the possibility of developing(More)
Perfect sampling allows exact simulation of random variables from the stationary measure of a Markov chain. By exploiting monotonicity properties of the slice sampler we show that a perfect version of the algorithm can be easily implemented, at least when the target distribution is bounded. Various extensions, including perfect product slice samplers, and(More)
To identify the bacterial diversity (microbiota) in expectorated sputum, a pyrosequencing method that investigates complex microbial communities of expectorated sputum was done in 19 stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients (mean (SD) FEV1: 47 (18%) of predicted value). Using conventional culture, 3 phyla and 20 bacterial genera were(More)
This paper outlines the methodologies that can be used to perform an intelligent analysis of diabetic patients' data, realized in a distributed management context. We present a decision-support system architecture based on two modules, a Patient Unit and a Medical Unit, connected by telecommunication services. We stress the necessity to resort to temporal(More)
We introduce for the first time the concept of an information "container" before a standard optical encrypting procedure. The "container" selected is a QR code which offers the main advantage of being tolerant to pollutant speckle noise. Besides, the QR code can be read by smartphones, a massively used device. Additionally, QR code includes another secure(More)
We have developed a hybrid adaptive-optics visual simulator (HAOVS), combining two different phase-manipulation technologies: an optically addressed liquid-crystal phase modulator, relatively slow but capable of producing abrupt or discontinuous phase profiles; and a membrane deformable mirror, restricted to smooth profiles but with a temporal response(More)
We present equilateral hyperbolic zone plates with variable focal length, which are formed as moiré patterns by a mutual rotation of two identical basic grids. Among others, all principal zone plates, except of the spherical one, can be used as these basic transmittances. Three most important advantages of the proposed moiré zone plates are: a constant(More)
Social networks are already being exploited for searching, storing, and sharing knowledge, demonstrating that they are an efficient vehicle for social learning. Consequently, they could be implemented as a competent tool for formal learning. Twitter is among the 10 most popular online social networks, integrating a community of over 500 million users around(More)
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