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BACKGROUND Antigliadin antibodies are a marker of untreated coeliac disease but can also be found in individuals with normal small-bowel mucosa. Because neurological dysfunction is a known complication of coeliac disease we have investigated the frequency of antigliadin antibodies, as a measure of cryptic gluten sensitivity, and coeliac disease in(More)
The development of new techniques for the detection of ovarian antibodies has challenged early concepts about the rarity of ovarian antibodies in idiopathic premature ovarian failure (POF), but few attempts have been made to compare results between assays. We have sought to define the prevalence of ovarian autoimmunity in a group of 30 idiopathic POF(More)
Associations between female sex, HLA B8, positive anti-thyroid microsomal antibody and, to a lesser extent, antinuclear antibody were seen in 34 patients with myasthenia gravis. This supports the concept that the disease is heterogeneous. Anti-DNA antibodies, which were present in 62% of the patients, did not show such associations.
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