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BACKGROUND Antigliadin antibodies are a marker of untreated coeliac disease but can also be found in individuals with normal small-bowel mucosa. Because neurological dysfunction is a known complication of coeliac disease we have investigated the frequency of antigliadin antibodies, as a measure of cryptic gluten sensitivity, and coeliac disease in(More)
The release in 1993 of a new reference material for serum proteins, CRM 470/RPPHS 5 has given rise to a great improvement in the between-laboratory variability of serum protein measurements worldwide. Conversion to the new reference material results in significant changes in reference values for some proteins. The establishment of new reference ranges will(More)
The development of new techniques for the detection of ovarian antibodies has challenged early concepts about the rarity of ovarian antibodies in idiopathic premature ovarian failure (POF), but few attempts have been made to compare results between assays. We have sought to define the prevalence of ovarian autoimmunity in a group of 30 idiopathic POF(More)
There is clearly a role for the measurement of acute phase proteins and other indices of the acute phase reaction but it is equally clear that no one laboratory test is suitable for use in all clinical situations. The choice of acute phase protein measurement depends on the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the measurement in the particular clinical(More)
BACKGROUND The progression of chronic renal failure is characterized by the progressive fibrosis of the kidneys. Such fibrosis reflects the increased deposition of collagens (I, III, and IV) as well as fibronectin within scarred kidneys. In this study, we determined whether changes in renal extracellular matrix (ECM) components are reflected by parallel(More)
Gestational thyrotoxicosis is now widely believed to result from excessive thyroidal stimulation by hCG. Our clinical impression has been that this condition is more frequent in Asian women than in those of European origin. To assess this possibility further, we analyzed thyroid hormone levels in the sera of 294 Asian women, obtained as part of a screening(More)
Antibody levels specific for capsular polysaccharides of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and to tetanus toxoid (TT), were measured in serum samples of 750 age-stratified subjects from the UK. The study subjects comprised healthy adult volunteers and hospitalized children undergoing elective surgery, excluding those with a(More)
The paper describes a study of 58 consecutive male soldiers under 30 years old admitted to an alcohol treatment unit in London, and 51 age- and gender-matched controls to compare the efficacy of isoelectric focusing, a non-quantitative measure of carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT), with other markers of alcohol misuse. The Severity of Alcohol(More)
Measurements of plasma anaphylatoxins C3a and C4a were carried out as an indicator of in vivo complement activation in 46 patients suffering from IgA nephropathy/Henoch-Schönlein nephritis. There was a significant correlation between plasma levels of C4a and plasma creatinine and urea. We also found a significant correlation of plasma levels of C3a with(More)
BACKGROUND Familial cold urticaria is a rare cutaneous and systemic reaction to cold with autosomal dominant inheritance, distinctive clinical features, and unknown pathogenesis. Release of a chymotrypsinlike substance has been postulated. To date, no effective treatment has been reported. OBSERVATIONS Eight cases from a large family pedigree are(More)