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Ageing leads to a progressive decline in human locomotor performance. However, it is not known whether this decline results from reduced joint moment and power generation of all lower limb muscle groups or just some of them. To further our understanding of age-related locomotor decline, we compare the amounts of joint moments and powers generated by lower(More)
This study investigates the impact of transmission topology on the combined mechanical and electrical efficiency of an Electric Vehicle (EV) by comparing two types of transmissions. In an EV, due to space restrictions, a relatively high-speed electric motor is used with a reduction gear to provide adequate torque production. Since the electric motor's(More)
INTRODUCTION The knee and ankle extensors as human primary antigravity muscle groups are of utmost importance in a wide range of locomotor activities. Yet, we know surprisingly little about how these muscle groups work, and specifically, how close to their maximal capacities they function across different modes and intensity of locomotion. Therefore, to(More)
The objective of this report is to provide a short introduction regarding simple tire models that could be used when modeling the military vehicle HMMWV. Drawbacks and advantages associated with the tire models are briefly discussed. The report also introduces a simple three-dimensional tire model that has been implemented to Chrono software [3].
  • Mojtaba Mobaraki, R Scott Semken, A. Mikkola, Juha Pyrhönen
  • Ultrasonics
  • 2017
Interest in producing heat and power using municipal wastewater sewage sludge as a fuel is increasing worldwide. Since its water content is initially high, sludge must be dewatered and further dried if it is to serve as an effective fuel for combustion. However, to maximize net energy production, the drying processes must use as little energy as possible.(More)
Application of computational methods, including multibody system simulation, has become a common approach in the product development of mechanical systems and machines. Computational methods enable the efficient study of the kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems being developed, and thus reduce development costs of the product. The increasing(More)
Antti Kärkkäinen Dynamic Simulations of Rotors during Drop on Retainer Bearings Lappeenranta, 2007 91 p. Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis 279 Diss. Lappeenranta University of Technology ISBN 978-952-214-444-7; ISBN 978-952-214-445-4 (PDF) ISSN 1456-4491 The active magnetic bearings have recently been intensively developed because of noncontact support(More)
A new classification of finite elements is proposed, called the digital nomenclature code dncm. The topological and kinematic structure of an arbitrary finite element is represented by a multi-digit code that reflects the topological structure of the element. The code of an element is based on dimension d, the number of nodes n, the number of scalar(More)
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