A. Miguel Gomes

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In this paper a hybrid algorithm to solve Irregular Strip Packing problems is presented. The metaheuristic simulated annealing is used to guide the search over the solution space while linear programming models are solved to generate neighbourhoods during the search process. These linear programming models, which are used to locally optimise the layouts,(More)
This paper presents a very special cutting path determination problem appearing in a high precision tools factory, and provides two new heuristics for its resolution. Particular features of both the cutting process, and of the material to be cut, bring in a set of unusual constraints, when compared with other cutting processes, which confer additional(More)
A general algorithm for minimizing a quadratic function with bounds on the variables is presented. The new algorithm can use diierent un-constrained minimization techniques on diierent faces. At every face, the minimization technique can be chosen according to he structure of the Hessian and the dimension of the face. The strategy for leaving the face is(More)
Irregular nesting is a subgroup of cutting and packing problems in which a set of irregular items must be inserted in a rectangular container with a variable width. It is often found in industries such as textile, wood and shipbuilding and an efficient solution usually renders an economical and environmental positive impact. Due to the complex geometry of(More)
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