A. Midori Albert

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This paper is a summary of findings of adult age-related craniofacial morphological changes. Our aims are two-fold: (1) through a review of the literature we address the factors influencing craniofacial aging, and (2) the general ways in which a head and face age in adulthood. We present findings on environmental and innate influences on face aging, facial(More)
This paper introduces a novel face recognition problem domain: the medically altered face for gender transformation. A data set of >1.2 million face images was constructed from wild videos obtained from You Tube of 38 subjects undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for gender transformation over a period of several months to three years. The HRT(More)
This study examined the efficacy of bilateral asymmetry in epiphyseal union as an indicator of environmental stress affecting the skeleton. We compared the extent of asymmetry in the postcranial skeleton between two cemetery samples excavated from Medieval Kulubnarti, Sudanese Nubia. Past studies have strongly suggested that these ancient Nubians(More)
Many current methods of age determination available to forensic anthropologists are limiting in that the age ranges provided are often broad, particularly for individuals in their late teens to early 20's. This study introduces an improved method for aging teenagers and young adults. The pattern and stages of union of the superior and inferior epiphyses of(More)
ABSTRACT Workshops are used for educating law enforcement personnel on the application of entomological, anthropological, and botanical techniques to gather forensically important information from a body recovery site. From 8 to 11 June 2004, such a workshop was conducted in the metropolitan area of Charlotte, NC, by the American Academy of Applied(More)
The objective of this case study was to demonstrate the utility of thoracic and first two lumbar vertebral ring epiphyseal union as an accurate and reliable method of age estimation for teenage and young adult skeletons. Vertebral ring epiphyseal union was used as a method of age estimation in two cases of osteological analysis for individuals of unknown(More)
To tackle the problem of automatic recognition of human eyebrow, a novel approach for shape analysis based on frontal face images is proposed in this paper. First, eyebrow curves are acquired by fitting cubic splines based on landmark points. Next, we propose to use a modified functional curve procrustes distance to measure the similarities among the cubic(More)
The current AOAC Method 966.24 for enumeration of Escherichia coli in foods uses a most probable number (MPN) procedure with extensive confirmation steps. Two new methods based on membrane filtration (MF) were compared to the MPN reference method for detection of high levels of E. coli in 5 food types, some of which represent categories for which the U.S.(More)
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