A. Meaamar

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Parallel-prefix adders offer high efficiency solution in terms of area, speed, power and regularity to the binary addition problem and are well suited for VLSI implementation. In this paper, a novel technique of implementing a hybrid parallel- prefix ling adder is presented. Experimental results show that the proposed adder has an improvement of 63% in(More)
A series of current mirror circuit useful for low voltage analog circuit design are addressed to reduce channel length modulation and offering much higher accuracy. Some of the principle building blocks to realize wide swing and regulated cascode current mirror, to achieve low input resistance, are discussed. By combination of a low supply voltage, high(More)
A fully differential, high gain opamp to be used in a low-voltage low-power high speed pipeline analog to digital converter (ADC) in a 0.18 μm CMOS process is designed. The opamp architecture is based on folded cascode and "double differential amplifier" technique. This design operates of a 1.8 V power supply, achieving a differential output swing(More)
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