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Eighty continental crossbred beef heifers (414.9 ± 37.9 kg of BW), 16 of which were ruminally cannulated, were used in a 52-d experiment with a generalized randomized block design, to assess if self-selection of dietary ingredients modulates ruminal pH and improves rumen function of feedlot finishing cattle. Treatments were total mixed ration [TMR; 85%(More)
A sample of 6 intensive beef farms was selected according to the feeding plan adopted during the fattening period of Charolais bulls. Two farms did not include any corn silage in the diet (CS0), while corn silage represented 22% of the dietary DM in the second group of 2 farms (CS22), and it raised up to 44% of the dietary DM in the last 2 farms (CS44).(More)
The study aimed to evaluate the behaviour of beef cattle reared in intensive systems in northern Italy under different climatic conditions. In particular, it considered 3 levels of THI (Temperature-Humidity-Index) in order to evaluate the coping response to heat stress conditions regarding changes of beef cattle nutritional and social behaviours, drinking(More)
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