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A prototype intraoperative hand-held optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging probe was developed to provide micron resolution cross-sectional images of subsurface tissue during open surgery. This new ergonomic probe was designed based on electrostatically driven optical fibers, and packaged into a catheter probe in the form factor of clinically accepted(More)
Cardiac development in vertebrates is a finely tuned process regulated by a set of conserved signaling pathways. Perturbations of these processes are often associated with congenital cardiac malformations. Platelet-derived growth factor receptor α (PDGFRα) is a highly conserved tyrosine kinase receptor, which is essential for development and organogenesis.(More)
Protein misfolding and concomitant aggregation towards amyloid formation is the underlying biochemical commonality among a wide range of human pathologies. Amyloid formation involves the conversion of proteins from their native monomeric states (intrinsically disordered or globular) to well-organized, fibrillar aggregates in a nucleation-dependent manner.(More)
133 Development of SCAR marker linked to stem canker resistance gene in soybean ABSTRACT-Stem canker caused by the fungus Diaporthe phaseolorum f. sp. meridionalis is a disease that limits soybean cultivation. Phenotypic evaluations aiming at disease resistance require labor-intensive processes, as for instance handling and transport of phytopathogens. The(More)
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