A. Mauro

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Glial reaction has been studied in the rat by the immunohistochemical demonstration of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and vimentin (VIM) in two experimental conditions. The first was represented by a necrotic cerebral lesion obtained by laser irradiation and the second by the development of experimental tumors induced by transplacental(More)
INTRODUCTION The tendency to reproduce figures close to or superimposed on the model in copying tasks, the so-called Closing-in (CI) phenomenon, has been rarely reported in individuals affected by Parkinson's disease and associated dementia (PD-D). We aimed to comprehend the genesis of CI in PD-D individuals by assessing whether reduction of(More)
Protein misfolding and concomitant aggregation towards amyloid formation is the underlying biochemical commonality among a wide range of human pathologies. Amyloid formation involves the conversion of proteins from their native monomeric states (intrinsically disordered or globular) to well-organized, fibrillar aggregates in a nucleation-dependent manner.(More)
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