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In the last five years, many cryptosystems based on the chaos phenomenon have been proposed. Most of them use chaotic maps, i. e., the discrete-time chaos. The recent anuouncernent of a cryptosystem based on continuous-time chaos that is generated by a very simple electronic circuit known as Chua’s circuit passed unrecognized by a large part of the(More)
Two new closed form localization algorithms for multilateration systems are derived and analyzed. The derivation neglects the time difference of arrival in favor of the direct use of the time of arrival (TOA). The algorithms work for arbitrary spatial dimensions and overdetermined systems. A strategy for quick rejection of obviously false time measurements(More)
  • A. Mathias
  • 2008 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital…
  • 2008
ADS-B, while acclaimed as a very accurate source of airplane positions, currently shows practical inaccuracies that can only by explained by the lack of GPS data. There is evidence that indicates that, in many cases, inertial navigation data is transmitted instead. This paper explains the algorithm based on multiradar tracking data to compensate the offsets(More)
Motivated by the need of ATC systems for insideness, intrusion and collision detection, a number of efficient algorithms were designed and implemented. For the determination of the insideness of points in polygons, a simple generalization of the commonly used zero winding and even-odd rules is presented, and, building thereupon, a point-in-polygon algorithm(More)
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