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We report on a measurement of the neutron detection efficiency in NaI crystals in the Crystal Ball (CB) detector obtained from a study of p p !p8n reactions at the Brookhaven National Laboratory AGS. A companion *Corresponding author. Tel.: +1-219-464-5377; fax: +1-219-464-5489. E-mail address: donald.koetke@valpo.edu (D.D. Koetke). Present Address: Indiana(More)
(2008). Measurement of the invariant-mass spectrum for the two photons from the η→π0γγ decay. Measurement of the invariant-mass spectrum for the two photons from the η → π 0 γ γ decay New results on the rare, doubly radiative decay η → π 0 γ γ have been obtained from a revised analysis of the Crystal Ball experiment performed at the AGS. The analysis yields(More)
A rapid simple and robust reversed-phase HPLC method was developed for rapid screening in bioavailability studies or comparative bioequivalence studies. The method is specific for vancomycin as no interference from acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine was observed. The mean intra-day precision was from 11.7% (low concentration) to 0.3% (high(More)
Ergot alkaloids and their dihydrogenated methanesulphonate (ms) salts were determined and measured in human plasma. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorometric detection was used for separation of ergot alkaloids in plasma. Several ergot alkaloids and their derivatives, including lysergide (LSD), can be identified in cases of poisoning.
Throughout RHIC Run-9 (polarized protons) and Run10 (gold), numerous modifications to the Baseband Tune (BBQ) system were made. Hardware and software improvements resulted in improved resolution and control, allowing the system to overcome challenges from competing 60Hz mains harmonics, other spectral content, and other beam issues. Test points from the(More)
D. M. Manley,1 V. V. Abaev,2 C. E. Allgower,3,* V. Bekrenev,2 W. J. Briscoe,4 M. Clajus,5 J. R. Comfort,6 K. Craig,6 D. Grosnick,7 D. Isenhower,8 N. Knecht,9 D. D. Koetke,7 A. A. Kulbardis,2 N. G. Kozlenko,2 S. Kruglov,2 G. Lolos,9 I. V. Lopatin,2 R. Manweiler,7 A. Marušić,5, S. McDonald,5, B. M. K. Nefkens,5 J. Olmsted,1,* Z. Papandreou,9 D. C. Peaslee,10(More)
Slow variations of the RHIC closed orbit have been strongly influenced by diurnal variations. These variations affect the reproducibility of RHIC operation and might have contributed to proton beam polarization degradation during past polarized proton runs. We have developed and commissioned a slow orbit feedback system in RHIC Run-10 to diminish these(More)
Data are presented for the reaction pi(-)p-->pi(0)pi(0)n in the range from threshold to p(pi(-))=750 MeV/c. The systematics of the data and multipole analyses are examined for sensitivity to a f(0)(600) ("sigma") meson. A one-pion-exchange mechanism is found to be very weak, or absent. The reaction appears to become dominated by sequential pi(0) decays(More)
In middle voltage networks in Croatia there are four neutral earthing concepts: isolated neutral point, low-impedance grounded networks, resonant grounded networks and networks with partial compensation. The paper will generally discuss modelling and simulation software developed for analysis of four grounding concepts mentioned earlier. Model was made(More)