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In India many people are now dependent on online banking. This raises security concerns as the banking websites are forged and fraud can be committed by identity theft. These forged websites are called as Phishing websites and created by malicious people to mimic web pages of real websites and it attempts to defraud people of their personal information.(More)
While developing the protein folding application for the IBM Blue Genet/L supercomputer, some frequently executed computational kernels were encountered. These were significantly more complex than the linear algebra kernels that are normally provided as tuned libraries with modern machines. Using regular library functions for these would have resulted in an(More)
The success of online auctions has given buyers access to greater product diversity with potentially lower prices. It has provided sellers with access to large numbers of potential buyers and reduced transaction costs by enabling auctions to take place without regard to time or place. However it is difficult to spend more time period with system and closely(More)
Every business needs knowledge about their competitors to survive better. One of the information repositories is web. Retrieving Specific information from the web is challenging. An Ontological model is developed to capture specific information by using web semantics. From the Ontology model, the relations between the data are mined using decision tree.(More)
Many Qualitative Bankruptcy Prediction models are available. These models use non-financial information as Qualitative factors to predict Bankruptcy. In the prior researches Genetic Algorithm was applied to generate Qualitative Bankruptcy Prediction Rules. However this Model uses only very less number of Qualitative factors and the generated rules has(More)
Today in every organization financial analysis provides the basis for understanding and evaluating the results of business operations and delivering how well a business is doing. This means that the organizations can control the operational activities primarily related to corporate finance. One way that doing this is by analysis of bankruptcy prediction.(More)
This paper describes the design of an inpatient patient assessment application that captures nursing assessment data using a wireless laptop computer. The primary aim of this system is to capture structured information for facilitating decision support and quality monitoring. The system also aims to improve efficiency of recording patient assessments,(More)
This paper is to frame qualitative Bankruptcy Prediction (BP) rules using the concept of Ant Colony Algorithm. There are various researches in the area of qualitative BP, among them Genetic Algorithm (GA) seems to more effective. But the redundancy and over lapping of the generated rules cannot be overcome by GA. In our work, we are proposing ACO for(More)