A Marović

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BACKGROUND A novel gastric pentadecapeptide, BPC 157, has been shown to attenuate different lesions (i.e., gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, somatosensory neurons). This suggests an interaction with the dopamine system. When used alone, BPC 157 does not affect gross behavior or induce stereotypy. METHODS We first investigated the effect of(More)
A single dose of the dopamine agonists L-dopa, bromocriptine or apomorphine produced a protective effect by significantly shortening of the length of stomach ulcerations. A single dose of the dopamine antagonists haloperidol, sulpiride or domperidone potentiated the ulcerogenic effect by extending the length of stomach ulcerations. These results point to(More)
Nootropics are psychoactive substances that activate, protect and restore functions of the neuronal cells. Piracetam is the first representative of these compounds, often cited to act as an activator and protector of neuronal cells function, especially in hypoxic conditions. Therefore, we examined the effect of piracetam on the cortical neuronal activity in(More)
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