A. Marin

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During plant evolution, some plastid genes have been moved to the nuclear genome. These transferred genes are now correctly expressed in the nucleus, their products being transported into the chloroplast. We compared the base compositions, the distributions of some dinucleotides and codon usages of transferred, nuclear and chloroplast genes in two dicots(More)
An algorithm to simulate DNA sequence evolution under a general stochastic model, including as particular cases all the previously used schemes of nucleotide substitution, is described. The stimulation is carried out on finite, variable length, DNA sequences through a strict stochastic process, according to the particular substitution rates imposed by each(More)
In the literature, the notions of lumpability and time reversibility for large Markov chains have been widely used to efficiently study the functional and non-functional properties of computer systems. In this paper we explore the relations among different definitions of lumpability (strong, exact and strict) and the notion of time-reversed Markov chain.(More)
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