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M-J. Kergoat1
S.N. Morin1
1M-J. Kergoat
1S.N. Morin
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An algorithm to simulate DNA sequence evolution under a general stochastic model, including as particular cases all the previously used schemes of nucleotide substitution, is described. The stimulation is carried out on finite, variable length, DNA sequences through a strict stochastic process, according to the particular substitution rates imposed by each(More)
During plant evolution, some plastid genes have been moved to the nuclear genome. These transferred genes are now correctly expressed in the nucleus, their products being transported into the chloroplast. We compared the base compositions, the distributions of some dinucleotides and codon usages of transferred, nuclear and chloroplast genes in two dicots(More)
Acute atraumatic subdural hematoma is a rare occurrence and there exist few case studies which describe suspected cases and causes for this condition. We present a case of a 36-year-old female at 32-week gestation who initially presented to the emergency department for evaluation of lower extremity cellulitis but had acute neurologic change while being in(More)
Turner's syndrome is a disorder defined by an absent or structurally abnormal second X chromosome and affects around 1 in 2000 newborn females. The standardised mortality ratio in Turner's syndrome is around three-times higher than in the general female population, mainly as a result of cardiovascular disorders. Most striking is the early age at which(More)
  • M. Auais, S. Morin, L. Finch, A. Sara, N. Mayo, A. Charise +227 others
  • 2012
Objectives: To identify current practices and care gaps for elderly patients admitted following a hip fracture, and to characterize patients' patterns of functional recovery over 1-year. Relevance Increased awareness of existing gaps and improving our understanding of patients' recovery can help optimize patients' outcomes. Methods: Forty community-dwelling(More)
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