A. Marco Saitta

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Using a superoperator formulation of linearized time-dependent density-functional theory, the dynamical polarizability of a system of interacting electrons is represented by a matrix continued fraction whose coefficients can be obtained from the nonsymmetric block-Lanczos method. The resulting algorithm, which is particularly convenient when large basis(More)
State of the art variable composition structure prediction based on density functional theory demonstrates that two new stoichiometries of PN, PN3 and PN2, become viable at high pressure. PN3 has a skutterudite-like Immm structure and is metastable with positive phonon frequencies at pressures between 10 and 100 GPa. PN3 is metallic and is the first(More)
First measurements of the self-dynamics of liquid water in the GPa range are reported. The GPa range has here become accessible through a new setup for the Paris-Edinburgh press specially conceived for quasielastic neutron scattering studies. A direct measurement of both the translational and rotational diffusion coefficients of water along the 400 K(More)
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