A. Manikas

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— In antenna array wideband DS-CDMA systems the propagation medium is a vector channel. Moreover the multipaths that define the channel are spatially and temporally diffused such that each multipath appears as a cluster rather than a point like signal source. Hence channel estimation techniques that do not exploit the structure of the vector channel become(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of antenna array calibration in a non-stationary signal environment. In detail, this study focuses on calibration of the antenna array geometry by employing properties of the differential geometry of the array manifold vector. The proposed algorithm is totally blind, since the only available information to the array(More)
This paper is concerned with the study of linear array systems, operating in an asynchronous, multipath/multiple-access environment. In the modeling and analysis of array systems, the array manifold vector is being widely used, providing the spatial information of the signal environment. Recently, because of the inherent limitations of the array manifold to(More)
An arrayed-MIMO communication system, which employs antenna arrays at both ends of the wireless link, is proposed to leverage upon spatial information such as directions-of-arrival for achieving an improvement in performance. This is in contrast with conventional MIMO systems, which typically assume multiple independent antenna elements at the transmitters(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a multicarrier modulation scheme that achieves high spectral efficiency by using minimally densely spaced orthogonal subcarriers without increasing the transmitter and receiver complexities. Antenna arrays are a powerful means to exploit the spatial domain to provide an extra layer of co-channel(More)
In this paper, a calibration approach capable of handling simultaneously location, gain and phase uncertainties, as well as mutual coupling (global calibration), is proposed for asynchronous CDMA-based antenna arrays in the presence of multipath. The manifold vector is modelled based on a first order Taylor series expansion, to encompass the errors. The(More)
In this paper we propose a joint space-Doppler parameter estimation algorithm for fast-fading multipath DS-CDMA communication systems. The Doppler shifts induced by the relative motion between the transmitter and the receiver, together with the associated direction-of-arrival (DOA), are jointly estimated by a semi-blind subspace-type method. The Doppler(More)
  • A Manikas, T Ratnarajah Beng, Amiee Jinsock, Lee Bsc, Amiee, Dr A Manikas
  • 1997
An important array processing problem is to resolve fully correlated (coherent) sources. Resolving coherent sources and resolving closely spaced sources is an active area of research. This research study is concerned with investigating the ability of a number of existing techniques, such as ASPECT , of estimating the Directions-of-Arrivals. The techniques(More)
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