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Laboratory exercises, field observations and field trips are a fundamental part of many earth science and environmental science courses. Field observations and field trips can be constrained because of distance, time, expense, scale, safety, or complexity of real-world environments. Our objectives were to develop an environmental virtual field laboratory to(More)
Hybrid rocket propulsion presents an increasing demand because of safety and cost reasons. Numerous works cover the main related areas (regression rate, oxidiser injection, grain design and additives in solid reducer). Nevertheless, the use of detailed kinetic studies, either experimentally or numerically, remains scarce. In particular, the auto-ignition(More)
The inert and oxidative flash pyrolysis of High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) is studied 6 up to 20 000 K.s, under pressure up to 3.0 MPa and at temperature ranging from 1000 K to 7 1500 K. These conditions are considered to represent those waited onboard a hybrid rocket 8 engine using HDPE as solid fuel. Recycling applications may also find some interest.(More)
Nicolas Gascoin, Alexandre Mangeot, Camille Marin, Philippe Gillard, Stéphane Rouvreau, Jacques Prevost 3 and Dominique Piton 4 University of Orléans, France 5 Roxel France, France 6 Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, France 7 Abstract 8 Hybrid combustors are of increasing interest for space and civilian propulsion. A test facility has been settled to 9(More)
The choice of a solid reducer for hybrid propulsion is generally based on the quantity of gaseous combustible it can produce (expressed indirectly by the regression rate). For this reason, the studies focus on the use of additives or on the design of grain while the kinetic aspect is rarely of interest despite the chemistry drives the phenomena (chemical(More)