A. Manaf Ali

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Hypertonic saline (HTS) induces bronchoconstriction. Potential mechanisms were evaluated in a human nasal provocation model. Aliquots of normal saline (1 x NS, 100 microliters) and higher concentrations (3 x NS, 6 x NS, 12 x NS, 24 x NS) were sprayed into one nostril at 5-min intervals. Lavage fluids were collected from the ipsilateral and contralateral(More)
BACKGROUND Tocotrienols (TCTs) are more potent antioxidants than α-tocopherol (TOC). However, the effectiveness and mechanism of the action of TCT isomers as anti-atherosclerotic agents in stimulated human endothelial cells under inflammatory conditions are not well established. AIMS 1) To compare the effects of different TCT isomers on inflammation,(More)
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