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This paper reports a novel hybrid method based on optimization techniques and neural networks methods for the solution of high order ordinary differential equations. Here neural networks is considered as a part of large field called neural computing or soft computing. This means that we propose a new solution method for the approximated solution of high(More)
Flyrock, the propelled rock fragments beyond a specific limit, can be considered as one of the most crucial and hazardous events in the open pit blasting operations. Involvement of various effective parameters has made the problem so complicated, and the available empirical methods are not proficient to predict the flyrock. To achieve more accurate results,(More)
In this paper linear and quadratic programming problems are solved using a novel recurrent artificial neural network. The new model is simpler and converges very fast to the exact primal and dual solutions simultaneously. The model is based on a nonlinear dynamical system, using arbitrary initial conditions. In order to construct an economy model, here we(More)
In this paper, a novel numerical method is proposed to solve specific third order ODE on semi-infinite interval. These kinds of problems often occur in laminar boundary layer with temperature dependent viscosity. Runge-Kutta method incorporating with optimization techniques is used to solve the problem. First, the semi-infinite interval is transformed into(More)
AIMS There is conflicting data about the predictive value of absent septal q wave in patients with significant stenosis of proximal Left Anterior Descending coronary artery. To clarify the exact role of this simple electrocardiographic sign we conducted this prospective descriptive study. METHODS Patients who were referred for coronary angiography in(More)
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