A. Malcoci

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The design and performance of a simple and compact far-infrared Fourier transform spectrometer is described. The spectrometer works as a Michelson interferometer without a beam splitter, and uses a Golay cell or a pyroelectric sensor for detection. A pair of flat lamellar mirrors with a computer-controlled displacement introduces a precisely defined phase(More)
A waveguide photomixer for millimetre-wave and terahertz applications, incorporating interdigitated low temperature grown (LTG) - GaAs photoconductors, and driven at 800 nm, has been designed and fabricated. The motivation, design method and fabrication of the device are discussed.
Three neural structures dedicated to continuous function approximation are evaluated and compared with a view to the implementation of an adaptive kinematic approach for vision-based robotic control. This approach is using an iterative method of nonlinear mapping inversion, developed by S. Lee and R.M. Kil, and based on the pseudo-inverse of the gradient of(More)
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