A. Makrodimopoulos

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This paper provides efficient and easy to implement formulations for two problems in structural optimization as second-order cone programming (SOCP) problems based on the minimum compliance method and derived using the principle of complementary enEPSRC grant EP/E004547/1 Early stages of the developments of this paper are provided in the recent conference(More)
There are two popular methods concerning the optimal design of structures. The first is the minimization of the volume of the structure under stress constraints. The second is the minimization of the compliance for a given volume. For multiple load cases an arising issue is which energy quantity should be the objective function. Regarding the sizing(More)
In this paper we describe an efficient approach to upper bound limit analysis of cohesivefrictional continua, using a finite element discretization in conjunction with second-order cone programming (SOCP). We also introduce the use of linear strain elements, focusing here on 6-node triangles in plane strain, though a directly analogous extension to 10-node(More)
Thickness optimization can be considered as a case of sizing optimization for plane structures. It can also be used as an intermediate step for topology problems, i.e. we can eliminate the parts where the thickness tends to be zero. This paper is concerned with the case of plane stress structures coupled with the finite element method. The aim is to present(More)
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