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Petascale simulations have become mission critical in diverse areas of science and engineering. Knowledge discovery from such simulations remains a major challenge and is becoming more urgent as the march towards ultra-scale computing with millions of cores continues. One major issue with the current paradigm of running the simulations and saving the data(More)
1 Abstract Global hybrid (electron fluid, kinetic ions) and fully kinetic simulations of the magnetosphere have been used to show surprising interconnection between shocks, turbulence and magnetic re-connection. In particular collisionless shocks with their reflected ions that can get upstream before retransmission can generate previously unforeseen(More)
—Compressed Sensing (CS) provides a set of mathematical results showing that sparse signals can be exactly reconstructed from a relatively small number of random linear measurements. A particularly appealing greedy-approach to signal reconstruction from CS measurements is the so called Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP). We propose two modifications to the(More)
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