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This paper studies structural identifiability of battery equivalent circuit models. It is shown that the general Randles model structures, both in the continuous and discrete time domains, are locally identifiable. With respect to the battery electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, some conditions are added to the model structures, making them globally(More)
In this paper, an effort is made to derive a complete transfer function of a variable-speed wind turbine generator (WTG) system. This transfer function is important for designing a sensorless speed controller and performing its stability. The proposed WTG system includes a wind turbine, a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), and a switch mode(More)
In this paper three-dimension turbulent buoyant cases of heat transfer and air flow has been presented for enclosed cooling space. Experimental study is carried out to validate the numerical simulations, and the predictions are performed by means of the Realizable k-? and SST k-? models by performing simulations on FLUENT 6. 3. 26. Comparisons between the(More)
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