A Macerata

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The aim of the experiment was to investigate whether the peculiar attentional/imagery abilities associated with susceptibility to hypnosis might make postural control in highly hypnotizable subjects (Highs) that are less vulnerable to sensory alteration than in individuals with low hypnotic susceptibility (Lows). The movement of the centre of pression (CoP)(More)
Spectral analysis of cardiovascular series has been proposed as a noninvasive tool for investigating the autonomic control of the cardiovascular system. The analysis of such series during autonomic tests requires high resolution estimators that are capable to track the transients of the tests. A comparative evaluation has been made among classical (FFT(More)
Non-invasive monitoring of fetal cardiac activity is of great clinical interest to assess fetal health. To date, however, difficulties in detecting fetal beats from abdominal mother recordings prevented the possibility of obtaining reliable results. In this study a multi-step approach for the analysis of non-invasive fetal ECG is proposed. The first steps(More)
Aim of the experiment was to study whether cognitive load affects postural control more in low (Lows) than in highly hypnotizable (Highs) subjects due to the latter's greater attentional abilities. Standing Highs and Lows underwent an experimental session (closed eyes) consisting of a basal condition and of mental computation in an easy (stable support) and(More)
The aim of this study was the evaluation of a microwave (MW) device for vital signs monitoring of patients and for MW signal characterization in terms of physiological content and meaning. Experimental tests were executed on volunteers in selected and controlled conditions and with different device setting. In each test session the MW signal was digitally(More)
  • A Taddei, S Dalmiani, A Vellani, E Rocca, G Piccini, T Carducci +6 others
  • 2008
During the last ten years the Hospital Information System (HIS) was developed at the Institute of Clinical Physiology of National Research Council (IFC-CNR), recently reorganized on clinical side into the " Gabriele Monasterio Foundation " (FGM) by joint efforts of CNR, Tuscany Region and Universities. At G.Pasquinucci Heart Hospital (GPH), currently FGM's(More)
  • A Taddei, S Dalmiani, G Piccini, A Vellani, T Carducci, M Buffa +5 others
  • 2003
At " G. Pasquinucci " Hospital in Massa, a section of CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology, an information system for cardiac surgery has been in use during the last years. This system was integrated with the Hospital Information System, already set up at the head of our institute in Pisa. Anesthesia data are recorded in the Operating Room (OR) as well as(More)
  • C De Lazzari, Mg Trivella, M Micalizzi, F Bernini, M Varanini, G Ferrari +3 others
  • 2006
Computer simulation of cardiac haemodynamics represents an effective approach to the in vitro study of complex pathophysiological problems. Aim of our work was to reproduce, using a numerical simulator of the cardiovascular system, experimental waveforms of cardiac pressure and volumes, coronary blood flow and aortic pressure obtained in two anaesthetised(More)
  • Ce Chronaki, F Chiarugi, A Macerata, F Conforti, H Voss, I Johansen +3 others
  • 2004
At a time of rising demands for interoperability in eHealth, OpenECG was funded by the EU to promote standards & open data formats in digital electro-cardiography. Driving forces for OpenECG are patient mobility, regional networks, continuity of care, and the vision of the lifelong EHR. The number of OpenECG members is steadily increasing, to reach 281 (203(More)
  • A Taddei, P Pisani, A Vellani, S Dalmiani, G Piccini, T Carducci +9 others
  • 2005
Laboratory Information System, integrated with the Hospital Information System, has been developed at the G.Pasquinucci Hospital, section of Institute of Clinical Physiology of National Research Council (CNR), specialized in adult and paediatric cardiac surgery. The aim was to automate the testing process from clinical departments to laboratory and back(More)