A. Maaike Wubs

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In this study, the effects on young adolescent sexual risk behaviour of teacher-led school HIV prevention programmes were examined in two sites in South Africa (Cape Town and Mankweng) and one site in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam). In Cape Town, Dar es Salaam and Mankweng, 26, 24 and 30 schools, respectively, were randomly allocated to intervention or comparison(More)
A mixed model framework was defined for QTL analysis of multiple traits across multiple environments for a RIL population in pepper. Detection power for QTLs increased considerably and detailed study of QTL by environment interactions and pleiotropy was facilitated. For many agronomic crops, yield is measured simultaneously with other traits across multiple(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Fruit set in indeterminate plant species largely depends on the balance between source and sink strength. Plants of these species show fluctuations in fruit set during the growing season. It was tested whether differences in fruit sink strength among the cultivars explained the differences in fruit-set patterns. METHODS Capsicum was(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Many indeterminate plants can have wide fluctuations in the pattern of fruit-set and harvest. Fruit-set in these types of plants depends largely on the balance between source (assimilate supply) and sink strength (assimilate demand) within the plant. This study aims to evaluate the ability of functional-structural plant models to(More)
In order to obtain a crop growth model that can simulate interand intra-plant variation in fruit set, fruit abortion times in sweet pepper were analysed by means of survival analysis. Survival analysis is a statistical technique dealing with the timing of events. The Cox proportional hazards model estimates the instantaneous baseline probability of abortion(More)
Many indeterminately growing crops can show strong fluctuations in the pattern of fruit set and harvest. Our research aims at studying the different growth behaviors in pepper cultivars with the functional-structural model GreenLab. A greenhouse experiment with six pepper cultivars characterized with different fruit weight and fruit set was conducted.(More)
Fruit set in sweet pepper shows strong fluctuations in time, among others considered to be caused by imbalance between supply and demand for assimilates (called source and sink strength, respectively). Fruit set also varies between plants. This research aimed to improve simulation of fruit set in a process-based crop growth model by inserting a probability(More)
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