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Arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is rare congenital pathology of the bronchopulmonary system vessels. The results of treatment of 12 patients with AVF were analyzed. In 2 (16.6%) patients Randu-Veber-Osler syndrome was diagnosed. In 10 observations the diagnosis was confirmed by the angiography data. All the patients were operated on. One (8.4%) patient died.
There are adduced the literature data and own observation of rare disease of main thoracic cavity veins-syndrome of disorder passability of vena cava superior (SDPVCS). The most frequent causes of SDPVCS occurrence, informative methods of diagnosis, mane methods of treatment were enlighted.
The during 7 years 258 patients with malignant effusion (ME) of different ethiology were treated in clinic, that composed 13.8% among all patients with pleural effusion. It was discovered the increase of this complication frequence in 1.6 time. The main reasons of ME were lung cancer--in 42.6% of observations, pleural mezothelioma--in 19.3%, mammary glands(More)
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