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Significant differences have been reported in results from three clinical trials evaluating intraputamenal infusion of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. To determine if problems in drug bioavailability could have contributed to the discrepancies between studies, we have analyzed the distribution of(More)
Messenger RNA coding for BNP precursor has been detected and mapped in histological sections of rat brain by in situ hybridization using specific rat BNP DNA probes labelled with 32P. The results showed that areas of highest concentration of BNP gene expression were located in the hypothalamus and in the verge area of the thalamus. Successively decreased(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Treating MS with disease-modifying drugs relies on accurate MR imaging follow-up to determine the treatment effect. We aimed to develop and validate a semiautomated software platform to facilitate detection of new lesions and improved lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS We developed VisTarsier to assist manual comparison of volumetric(More)
Recent progress in computational methods for inves-tigating physical and functional gene interactions has provided new insights into the complexity of biological processes. An essential part of these methods is presented visually in the form of gene interaction networks that can be valuable in exploring the mechanisms of disease. Here, a combined network(More)
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