A. M. Zhabotinskii

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Asparagine is able to penetrate into human erythrocytes from the external medium. The dependence of the asparagine transport rate on its concentration can be described by the Michaelis-Menten equation with parameters: Km = 2.50 mM, V = 0.24 mmol/l cells per hour. Loading of erythrocytes with asparaginase does not influence their permeability to asparagine.(More)
The luciferase preparation obtained from fireflies Luciola mingrelica has entrapped into the human erythrocytes by means of reversible osmotic lysis. The addition of luciferin to such erythrocytes leads to the appearance of luminescence, conditioned by the entrance of luciferin into the cells. Luciferin is uniformly distributed between cells and external(More)
The dependence of the injury of murine small intestinal epithelium on the interval between multiple regular injections of hydroxyurea (HU) was investigated. Mice were injected 8 times with HU (5 mg per injection) in different experimental groups of animals, and the interval between injections varied from 6 to 19 hours. With the intervals between the(More)
It has been shown by the use of a mathematical model that in the course of repeated periodic injections of phase-specific agents the level of injury to rapidly renewed body tissues depends essentially on the interval between injections [i, 2, 4, 8]. This effect may be of great practical importance, in particular in connection with the problem of(More)
The main shortcoming of modern antitumor chemotherapy, which utilizes chiefly cytotoxic drugs, lies in their extremely high toxicity towards normal cells with a rapid turnover rate, from the hemopoietic, immune, and reproductive systems and the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract [i, 2]. Therefore, increasing the therapeutic index of antitumor drugs is(More)
The dependence of murine survival on the intervals between periodic hydroxyurea (HU) injections was studied. The single dose of HU comprised 250 mg per kg. Intervals between injections varied from 5 to 19 hours while their number changed from 6 to 9 in different experiments. A resonant increase in the survival was observed under HU administered every 8-9 or(More)