A M Zahler

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Alternative splicing of precursor messenger RNAs (pre-mRNAs) is a common mechanism of regulating gene expression. SR proteins are a family of pre-mRNA splicing factors that are structurally related and evolutionarily conserved. Any member of the SR family can complement a splicing-deficient extract that lacks the entire family of SR proteins. Here it is(More)
The cardiac troponin T pre-mRNA contains an exonic splicing enhancer that is required for inclusion of the alternative exon 5. Here we show that enhancer activity is exquisitely sensitive to changes in the sequence of a 9-nucleotide motif (GAGGAAGAA) even when its purine content is preserved. A series of mutations that increased or decreased the level of(More)
An antibody was identified previously that recognizes sites of polymerase II transcription on lampbrush chromosomes, puffs on polytene chromosomes, and many small granules in the nucleoplasm of all cells tested. This antibody binds a conserved family of phosphorylated polypeptides in vertebrate and invertebrate cells. We developed a method for purifying(More)
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