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The First International Teleconference in Ophthalmology was held during March 1998 between five sites in the UK, USA, Greece and Malaysia. ISDN transmission at 128 kbit/s was used to reduce costs while maintaining the clarity of the presented material. Specialized lecture theatres were not available at all sites and conventional halls had to be adapted for(More)
The pattern-reversal visual evoked potential (PR VEP) is an electrodiagnostic test which uses an alternating checkerboard pattern as the visual stimulus. To validate the performance of an automated testing system, the equipment was installed in five locations in three countries (the UK, Greece and Cyprus). PR VEPs require accurate control of stimulus size,(More)
AIM Intra-oral 3D scanning of dentitions has the potential to provide a fast, accurate and non-invasive method of recording dental information. The aim of this study was to assess the reliability of measurements of human dental casts made using a portable intra-oral 3D scanner appropriate for field use. METHOD Two examiners each measured 84 tooth and 26(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the incidence of dog bite-related injuries requiring public sector hospitalisation in Australia during the period 2001-13. METHODS Summary data on public sector hospitalisations due to dog bite-related injuries with an ICD 10-AM W54.0 coding were sourced from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare for the study period(More)
In an attempt to improve undergraduate medical student preparation for and learning from dissection sessions, dissection audio-visual resources (DAVR) were developed. Data from e-learning management systems indicated DAVR were accessed by 28% ± 10 (mean ± SD for nine DAVR across three years) of students prior to the corresponding dissection sessions,(More)
The Anatomy Learning Experiences Questionnaire (ALEQ) was designed by Smith and Mathias to explore students' perceptions and experiences of learning anatomy. In this study, the psychometric properties of a slightly altered 34-item ALEQ (ALEQ-34) were evaluated, and correlations with learning outcomes investigated, by surveying first- and second-year(More)
Recently weaned male rabbits were injected either with 150 micrograms/kg isoprenaline in saline containing 0.01 M ascorbic acid or simply with the drug vehicle. Groups of drug-injected animals were killed at various time after injection. Parotid gland tissue samples from all animals were fixed, embedded and thin sectioned, and micrographs were prepared at(More)
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