A. M. Wiland

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Pharmacokinetic analyses comparing generic tacrolimus preparations versus the reference drug in kidney transplant patients are lacking. A prospective, multicenter, open-label, randomized, two-period (14 days per period), two-sequence, crossover and steady-state pharmacokinetic study was undertaken to compare twice-daily generic tacrolimus (Sandoz) versus(More)
Background. No studies have evaluated the impact of multiple generic immunosuppression medications on transplant coordinators (TCs) and patients. Methods. A cross-sectional, multicenter online survey of TCs managing transplant recipients' outpatient immunosuppression was undertaken to assess TCs' perceptions of the impact of multiple generic(More)
BACKGROUND Everolimus (EVR) has demonstrated good efficacy after renal transplantation. Racial disparities in clinical outcomes after de novo renal transplantation are well documented; whether the efficacy of EVR varies based on recipient ethnicity is unknown. We conducted a comparative risk assessment of EVR by ethnicity. METHODS Data on 2004 renal(More)
BACKGROUND Dose-finding studies for mycophenolic acid (MPA) in tacrolimus-treated kidney transplant patients are lacking. METHODS Data from 901 de novo kidney transplant recipients enrolled in the prospective, non-interventional Mycophenolic acid Observational REnal (MORE) transplant registry were analyzed according to baseline daily MPA dose (<2000, 2000(More)
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