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It has been shown that the development of alloxan diabetes in rats and the appearance of diabetogenic factor in blood is caused by the direct alloxan action on pancreas and spleen--the organs supplying by blood through the spleen artery. The stopping of blood circulation in that artery preserves rat's organism from the development of general toxic effect of(More)
In animals with experimentally induced stable hyperglycemia attended by heparin deficiency in the blood, the insulin-heparin complex (the ratio of heparin and insulin in the complex was 1:4.7) produces a stronger hypoglycemic effect than that of an equivalent dose of insulin. A simple mixture of insulin and heparin (in the same ratio) causes an equally(More)
Vitamin A deficiency contributed to higher incidence of abnormalities in experimental animals with insulin-dependent diabetes induced by alloxan. However, the similar doses of alloxan did not cause diabetes in the animals maintained on a diet containing adequate amounts of vitamin A used for prophylactic purposes for a long time. The natural diabetogenic(More)
With depressed function of the anticoagulation system in rats produced by their long-term maintenance on an atherogenic ration a rising fibrin-stabilizing activity of the XIII factor, by comparison with that in healthy animals and pertinent controls, is observed. A protracted administration to the animals with depressed function of the anticoagulation(More)
AIM To study the effect of chimeric E7 protein of human papillomavirus type 18 on activation of adaptive immunity in absence of adjuvant. MATERIALS AND METHODS Chimeric protein was genetically engineered and represents the protein molecule consisting of full-size E7 oncoprotein and heat-shock protein 70 (HSP70) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in one(More)
Decrease in 131I-thrombin clearance and decrease in absorption of complexes of thrombin with other substances in liver tissue were observed under conditions of depression of anticoagulation system found in animals maintained on altherogenic diet. Prolonged administration of an antisclerotic drug "Linetol" and of vitamin A into these animals promoted(More)
It has been found that in blood plasma of rats keeping on an atherogenic diet for a long time the diabetogenic factor activity appears. The direct dependence between the level of the diabetogenic factor activity and the degree of the anticoagulating system depression caused by long keeping of the animals on the atherogenic diet has been revealed.
It was shown that in the case of regular intragastric introduction of heparin combined with aspirin to rats with insulin-dependent experimental diabetes, enzymatic and nonenzymatic fibrinolysis of blood plasma was enhanced. The blood level of sugar was normalized in these animals.