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A relatively more favorable course of lung cancer and higher survival rates observed in female patients than in males make the case for further study of the problem. Endocrine system study group included female lung cancer patients. Blood-ACTH, FSH, LH, STH, T3 and T4 as well as F, 17-CS and estrogen excretion with urine were followed prior to, immediately(More)
Based on cytological assays of the sputum and biochemical analysis of blood in lung cancer patients, it was found that the character of cells of inflammatory series and the intensity of macrophage reaction in association with the altered level of sialic acid, and the presence of C-reactive protein in blood serum may serve for prognostication of the(More)
Levels of tropic hormones of the pituitary, glucocorticoids and male and female sex hormones were assayed in 17 cases of kraurosis and leukoplakia of the vulva prior to treatment. Most patients revealed an abnormally high androgen/estrogen ratio, elevated level of glucocorticoids and low concentrations of thyrotropic hormone, prolactin and T3. The above(More)
As a result of examining the urine excretion of 17-OCS, 17-KS, estrogens and the concentration of protein bound iodine and butanolextractable iodine in blood of patients with benign and malignant ovarian tumors, there were found some deviations from the normal hormonal balance in all these patients. These deviations were manifested in a delayed(More)
Under study was the excretion of 17-OCS and 17-KS in 2 male groups operated upon for lung cancer. The first group comprised 25 patients with the postoperative survival for less than a year. The second group-28 patients, whose survival was over 5 years postoperatively. In terms of 17-OCS excretion both groups were found to be identical: the level of 17OCS in(More)
The results of studying the steroid hormones excretion in 90 patients with lung squamous-cell cancer under chemo-radiation therapy are reported. It is shown that an effective treatment is associated with certain changes in the excretion of androsterone, 11 OH 17KS, estradiol, cortisol and pregnanediol.