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The effect of serum of patients with myocardial ischemia after low-level laser therapy on parameters of synaptic conductance of rat hippocampal neurons was investigated. The serum from patients with an initially low level of neuronal activity obtained after determination of laser irradiation increased the amplitude and that from patients with high activity.(More)
  • A M Shurgaia
  • Vestnik Rossiiskoi akademii meditsinskikh nauk
  • 1994
There is a prevalence of chronic diseases over acute ones among adults and children who have come to Yakutia. There is a high association of inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases and changes in the disease pattern, age, and stay duration in the North. Some common pathologic syndromes have been found to affect the development of chronic diseases. The(More)
AIM To examine feasibility of using a complex of functional tests for detection of chronic respiratory insufficiency (CRI) and its differential diagnosis with chronic cardiac failure (CCF). MATERIALS AND METHODS The study covered 23 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and 17 patients suffering from ischemic heart disease (IHD) with(More)
The isolated neurons of snail (Lymnaea stagnalis) were as test object for the evaluation of the blood serum neuroactivity. The blood serum was tested before treatment and after six applications of intravenous laser therapy (ILT). All blood serum specimens produced depolarization of the cell membrane potential. The quantitative comparison of membrane(More)
Topographic mapping method was used to study the spatial-temporal organization of neocortical electrical activity at norm and asthenic neurosis. Patients with asthenic syndrome had shown right hemisphere dominance by the number of cortical interconnections in theta-band and interhemispheric discordance by coherence function.
In 42 patients with mitral stenosis an intravital study was conducted comparing the liver energy exchange with the biochemical blood serum parameters and morpho-histochemical characteristics of the biopsy material. A correlation was established between the energy exchange and the clinical stage of the disease, the pigment function of the liver and the(More)
The activity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and its isoenzymatic spectrum were studied in biopsy specimen of the myocardium of 35 patients with mitral valvular disease who underwent operation. Starch gel electrophoresis was used. Four fractions of LDH isoenzymes were detected: LDH1, LDH2, LDH3, and LDH4. A definite metabolic trend of their changes in(More)
By correlating the functional classification of mitral stenosis proposed by A.N. Bakulev and E.A. Damir with the myocardial changes detected on the ECG in 282 patients operated on for mitral stenosis, it has been established that the hypertrophic process in the right ventricle at Stage IV of heart disease corresponds to the stage of wearing off and(More)