A. M. Sharaf

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The paper presents a robust l switched tuned arm filter and Capacitor compensation (SFC) scheme for single-phase voltage stabilization and efficient energy utilization. The novel Modulated filter-capacitor compensator MF-SFC developed by the Second Author is controlled and improves the power factor at the source and enhance power quality by reducing current(More)
The paper presents the dynamic modeling and coordinated control strategy for an integrated Electric Vehicle drive scheme using Fuel Cell (FC) and Battery back up. The integrated DC drive Scheme is fully stabilized using a novel FACTS based green filter compensator that ensures a fully stabilized Common-DC Bus voltage with reduced inrush current conditions(More)
With the rapid increase in electric energy demand and restrictive limitations on new transmission system development, it has become increasingly crucial to optimally and efficiently utilize the AC system power capacity of all existing transmission network. In the last two decades Flexible AC Transmission has played a significant role in AC grid(More)
This paper presents a novel dynamic hybrid power compensation scheme (HPC) with both a tri-loop (bus generator voltage, current and power signals) error driven PI controller and a series switched capacitor with a dual-loop (bus generator voltage, current) error driven PI controller to improve the wind scheme bus voltage regulation and ensure full voltage(More)
Abstmct-The paper preknts a novel AI-ANN neural network global on-line fault detection, pa& tern classification, and relaying detection acheme for synchronous generators in interconnected electric utility networks. The input discriminant vector comprises the dominant FFT frequency spectra of eighteen input variables forming the discriminant diagnostic(More)
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