A. M. Shahri

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This paper presents a vision system for a Ping-Pong player robot, called Robo-Pong. The robot employs color object detection techniques based on neural networks in its vision system. In this approach a quite simple architecture is employed to detect and localize objects in robot's work space. The architecture is designed to be very easy-implement and also(More)
In this paper the MRL rescue robot team and its robots are explained. We have designed and built three new robots including two autonomous indoor robots and one outdoor (rough terrain) robot for different situations/arenas. Our main goal of this activity is to achieve a practical rescue robot for real situation such as earthquake which is quite common in(More)
Acquisition of manipulation skills from a haptic rendered virtual environment, " Int. Prognosis of body fluid level by fuzzy logic technique, " Int. Active control of along wind response of tall building using a fuzzy controller, " Int.A transputer-based architecture for control of a robot ping pong player",A monocular approach to depth maps generation",(More)
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