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— The discrete-time predator-prey model in 2-dimensions is investigated. The fixed points are obtained and their stability is analyzed. The phase portraits are obtained for different sets of parameter values and initial conditions. Also bifurcation diagrams are presented for selected range of growth parameter. It is observed that prey population exhibits(More)
Continuous periodogram power spectral analyses of fractal fluctuations of frequency distributions of bases A, C, G, T in Drosophila DNA show that the power spectra follow the universal inverse power-law form of the statistical normal distribution. Inverse power-law form for power spectra of space-time fluctuations is generic to dynamical systems in nature(More)
The spacing intervals of adjacent Riemann zeta zeros (non-trivial) exhibit fractal (irregular) fluctuations generic to dynamical systems in nature such as fluid flows, heart beat patterns, stock market price index, etc., and are associated with unpredictability or chaos. The power spectra of such fractal space-time fluctuations exhibit inverse power-law(More)
Fluid flows such as gases or liquids exhibit space-time fluctuations on all scales extending down to molecular scales. Such broadband continuum fluctuations characterise all dynamical systems in nature and are identified as selfsimilar fractals in the newly emerging multidisciplinary science of nonlinear dynamics and chaos. A cell dynamical system model has(More)
Recent studies of DNA sequence of letters A, C, G and T exhibit the inverse power law form frequency spectrum. Inverse power-law form of the power spectra of fractal space-time fluctuations is generic to the dynamical systems in nature and is identified as self-organized criticality. In this study it is shown that the power spectra of the frequency(More)