A. M. Santos

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We present a statistical method that leads to accurate volume measurements of lung tumors from computerized tomographic (CT) data. The method is based on the assumption that a range of pixel intensities in CT data defines the edge of a tumor, and from our statistical model, we assign a probability that a given pixel intensity is included in the tumor(More)
Introns are common among all eukaryotes, while only a limited number of introns are found in prokaryotes. Globin and globin-like proteins are widely distributed in nature, being found even in prokaryotes and a wide range of patterns of intron-exon have been reported in several eukaryotic globin genes. Globin genes in invertebrates show considerable(More)
In this work, we have calculated ab initio the equation of state, the principal phonon modes, the effective charges and the temperature dependence of the specific heat for the III-Nitrides, by using the density-functional theory within the local density approximation, plane wave expansions and the pseudopotential method. A good agreement with the experiment(More)
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