A M Sandler

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Following a discussion of the 'classical' formulations on regression and fixation, the view is put forward that the distinction between various types of regression is on the whole superfluous. However, it is important to distinguish between 'latent' regression in the patient's 'present unconscious', the contents of which are defended against and kept from(More)
The width of the foramen in the lumbar spine is directly related to the position of the vertebrae. In an MRI study the measurements of the cross-sectional area of the neuroforamen of L4/5 and L5/S1 in neutral position, segmental distraction and compression were calculated. Nine cadaver specimens were investigated and the foraminal width of L4/5 and L5/S1(More)
The interpretation of normal and pathological findings of motor evoked potential obtained by the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation depends on adequate examination technique, including the appropriate positioning of the recording electrodes over the muscle. On the basis of knowing the location of the motor end plate zones in muscles, magnetic(More)
Difficulties inherent in the concept of the unconscious are considered, and a formulation is proposed as a contribution to the theory of psychoanalytic technique. The concepts of the past unconscious and the present unconscious are described, each having its own type of functional organization. The past unconscious can be regarded as acting like a dynamic(More)
An account is given of the analysis of a 32-year-old woman who had fears of pregnancy and childbirth. The case report describes the technical approach taken in the analysis of a neurotic patient. The analysis of this patient illustrates the view that the same unconscious fantasies and internal object relationships lie behind the patient's symptoms,(More)
The concepts of present unconscious and past unconscious have been introduced in order to provide a useful theoretical schema for comprehending clinical psychoanalytic material. In the present paper these concepts, together with the notion of the second censorship, are made use of to provide a framework for understanding the way in which guilt feelings and(More)