A M Roccamo de Fernández

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The widely used alkaline treatment of acetylcholine-receptor (AChR)-rich membranes from Torpedo marmorata (electric fish) and Discopyge tschudii (a marine ray) results not only in the extraction of non-receptor peripheral proteins but also in that of glycerophospholipids (approximately 13%). Minor acidic phospholipids, notably phosphatidic acid and(More)
1. Polyphosphoinositide content and phosphorylation of lipids and proteins were analyzed in oocytes of the toad Bufo arenarum Hensel. 2. Plasma membrane-enriched fractions obtained from full-grown, prophase-arrested oocytes incorporated 32P into both phospholipids and proteins after incubation with [gamma-32P]ATP in an Mg(2+)-containing medium.(More)
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