A. M. Reinhorn

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Compensation of delay and dynamic response of servo-hydraulic actuator is critical to the stability and accuracy of hybrid experimental and numerical simulations of the seismic response of structures. In this study, current procedures for compensation of actuator delay are examined and improved procedures are proposed. The proposed procedures need little or(More)
An active control system for a large-scale structure includes a collection of sensors, digital controllers, control logic and algorithm, power supply and active control force generation devices in an integrated system. In practical applications, the major tasks of a digital controller include not only the calculation of required control signals but also the(More)
With the conceptual development of performance-based design, the earthquake engineering community has begun to recognize the importance of controlling both interstory drifts and absolute floor accelerations. However, these often present conflicting requirements for design. In this paper, we present a multi-objective genetic algorithm to address this(More)
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