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— Insider attacks formed the biggest threaten against database management systems. There are many mechanisms have been developed to detect and prevent the insider attacks called Detection of Malicious Activities in Database Systems DEMIDS. The DEMIDS consider as one of the last defenses mechanism of the database security system. There are many mechanisms(More)
The problem of steady, laminar, mixed convection flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past a preamble vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium saturated with a nanofluid is considered. A mixed convection parameter for the entire range of free-forced-mixed convection is employed and a set of non-similar equations are obtained. These equations are solved(More)
This paper deals with the reliability and availability characteristics of three different series system configurations with warm standby components and a repairable service station. The failure time of the primary and warm standby are assumed to be exponentially distributed with parameters  and  respectively. The repair time distribution of each server is(More)
Soil and groundwater contamination is one of the important environmental problems at petroleum-related sites, which causes critical environmental and health defects. Severe petroleum hydrocarbon contamination from coastal refinery plant was detected in a shallow Quaternary sandy aquifer is bordered by Gulf in the Northwestern Gulf of Suez, Egypt. The(More)
The northwestern part of Suez Gulf region is a strategic area in Egypt. It includes important sources of national income. To achieve the development goals, the government has established huge projects in this area (e.g. establishment and expanding of a large commercial port at Ain Sokhna, many industrial zones as well as tourism projects). The utilization(More)
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