A. M. Rashad

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A boundary layer analysis is presented for the mixed convection past a vertical wedge in a porous medium saturated with a nano fluid. Numerical results for friction factor, surface heat transfer rate and mass transfer rate have been presented for parametric variations of the buoyancy ratio parameter Nr, Brownian motion parameter Nb, thermophoresis parameter(More)
The problem of steady, laminar, mixed convection flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past a preamble vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium saturated with a nanofluid is considered. A mixed convection parameter for the entire range of free-forced-mixed convection is employed and a set of non-similar equations are obtained. These equations are solved(More)
Purpose To asses TAPP with external fixation against PHS and to find which is more suitable in primary inguinal hernia repair. Inguinal hernia repair is the most frequently performed operation in general surgery and so even modest improvements in clinical outcomes are important. The most important criteria for the choice of method are safety (morbidity and(More)
The problem of unsteady, laminar, coupled heat and mass transfer by MHD mixed convective boundary-layer flow of electrically conducting fluid over impulsively stretched vertical surface in an unbounded quiescent fluid with aiding external flow in the presence of a transverse magnetic field and melting effects is considered. The flow is impulsively set into(More)
Magneto-hydrodynamic free convective heat and mass transfer of a viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting and chemically-reacting fluid adjacent to a vertical stretching sheet embedded in a saturated porous medium in the presence of a thermal radiation effect are investigated. The sheet is linearly stretched with uniform constant of temperature and(More)
The principal objectives to be achieved by surgical treatment are total removal of all parasitic elements, avoidance of spillage of contents of the cyst and management of the residual pericyst cavity. Thirty four patients with thirty five hepatic hydatid disease were included in the study. The data for this work were collected between 9-2015 till 9 -2016.(More)
In this paper, the problem of coupled heat and mass transfer by a natural-convection boundary-layer fl ow of a micropolar fl uid past a vertical fl at plate in a saturated porous medium with streamwise sinusoidal variations of both the surface temperature and species concentration in the presence of thermal radiation and chemical reaction eff ects is(More)
This paper deals with the reliability and availability characteristics of three different series system configurations with warm standby components and a repairable service station. The failure time of the primary and warm standby are assumed to be exponentially distributed with parameters  and  respectively. The repair time distribution of each server is(More)
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