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The roles of gastrin and sodium vanadate in proliferation were examined in cultured IEC-6 cells that are mitotically active and derived originally from jejunal crypts of the rat intestine. Incubation of the cells in the presence of gastrin at a concentration of 250 ng/ml or of sodium vanadate at a concentration of 0.2 mM leads to a 60% increase in cell(More)
Due to the increasing requirements for transmission of images in computer, mobile environments, the research in the field of image compression has increased significantly. Image compression plays a crucial role in digital image processing, it is also very important for efficient transmission and storage of images. When we compute the number of bits per(More)
Urinary Lutropin (LH) and Follitropin (FSH) were precipitated with acetone and measured by specific radioimmunoassays. Recovery experiments with special regard to urinary pH values were done by adding 125I-labelled LH and FSH to unprocessed urine. At pH 4.5 68.6% of LH and 66.1% of FSH were recovered. Increasing pH values up to 6.0 resulted in a significant(More)
  • Faris E. Mohammed, Eman M. ALdaidamony, A. M. Raid
  • 2014
Personal identification process is a very important process that resides a large portion of daily usages. Identification process is applicable in work place, private zones, banks ...etc. Human is a rich subject having many features that can be used for identification purpose such as finger vein, iris, face ...etc. In this paper, a personal identification(More)
Many improvements on image enhancemen have been achieved by The Non-negativity And Support constraints Recursive Inverse Filtering (NAS-RIF) algorithm. The Deterministic constraints such as non negativity, known finite support, and existence of blur invariant edges are given for the true image. NASRIF algorithms iterative and simultaneously estimate the(More)
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