A. M. Rahmani

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– Todays, computer networks play a very important role in our daily activities. In order to have a better network management, data packet problems, should be considerably reduced. One of the most important problems that happens in networks and is not recognizable easily, is congestion, That encouraged experts to research more about this topic. Congestion(More)
—Tasks scheduling problem is a key factor for a distributed system in order to achieve better efficiency. The problem of tasks scheduling in a distributed system can be stated as allocating tasks to the processor of each computer. The objective of this problem is minimizing makespan and communication cost, while maximizing CPU utilization. Scheduling(More)
The mechanism of resource allocation plays a vital role in maximizing the network utilization and serving the requesting nodes. This idea can be effectively demonstrated using the concept of network virtualization. Through Network virtualization an environment conducive to perform tests using similar network conditions , applications and dependencies can be(More)
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