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Floating Point (FP) multiplication is widely used in large set of scientific and signal processing computation. Multiplication is one of the common arithmetic operations in these computations. A high speed floating point double precision multiplier is implemented on a Virtex-6 FPGA. In addition, the proposed design is compliant with IEEE-754 format and(More)
Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless DC machine has distinct advantages of high efficiency, high power density, high power factor, high torque, simple control, and minimal maintenance. Modelling, simulation and experimentation of drives with new converter configuration and control schemes are essential for making this drive competitive. This paper describes(More)
Network is an interaction or engaging in formal or informal communication among systems to exchange information by mutual assistance or support. The sharing of resources helps the users on the network to communicate with each other. Node in a wireless sensor network that is capable of performance handling, gathering information and communicating with other(More)
The Adaptive bilateral filter is able to smooth the noise, while enhancing edges and textures in the image. Morphology operations such as dilation, erosion, opening and closing are offering a quality Sharpening enhancement. The performance of the filter is to be improved by including the mathematical morphology operations along with adaptive bilateral(More)
The Real time image processing is always in high demand for many applications used in security system, remote sensing, manufacturing process and multimedia, those require to have high performance. Based on that requirement, image processing systems have been proposed in this paper using a heterogeneous platform called TMS320DM642. The platform has an FPGA(More)
This paper deals with the implementation of PID controller for a DC fan controller application on FPGA platform (both hardware and software). The PID controller is implemented on Spartan 3E FPGA by using Xilinx software version 9.2. The PWM signal is generated by FPGA Spartan 3E board, which further given to DC fan for its speed control. The PID controller(More)
Floating point arithmetic is widely used in many areas, especially scientific computation and signal processing. For many signal processing, and graphics applications, it is acceptable to trade off some accuracy (in the least significant bit positions) for faster and better implementations. However, most of these modern applications need higher frequency or(More)
A low profile antenna array is designed in this work to support multiple bands for high data rates. Antenna array consists of main antenna and auxiliary antenna. Main antenna meant for long term evolution (LTE)/wireless wide area network (WWAN) application. Auxiliary antenna is used to increase the bandwidth. Proposed antenna array with low profile supports(More)