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Human spinal arachnoid villi and granulations were studied after distension by a subarachnoid perfusion of Berlin blue and trypan blue. These proliferations were distributed on almost every nerve root in the thoracic and lumbar region. Human spinal arachnoid villi and granulations were divided into those located entirely internal to the dura, those that(More)
Portions of the superior sagittal sinus and lacunae laterales containing arachnoid villi and granulations from 8 full-term newborn babies were studied by transmission electron microscopy. Arachnoid proliferations from 3 subjects were distended and fixed in vitro by applying a differential pressure of 8 cm H2O to the subarachnoid aspect of the tissues. The(More)
Adult New Zealand rabbits were injected intrathecally with 200 or 300 mgI/ml of metrizamide, meglumine iocarmate or meglumine iothalamate. They were placed in the Trendelenburg position for 20 min and allowed to survive for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Sacrifice was by intraarterial perfusion of aldehydes under anesthesia followed by preparation of brain and major(More)
125I labelled Amipaque (metrizamide) was introduced by cisternal puncture into six rabbits and perfused at various pressures. The torcular was exposed, frozen rapidly, and excised intact. Sections of arachnoid proliferations were made from the frozen specimen and either freeze dried or sandwiched directly for autoradiography. Some specimens were freeze(More)
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