A. M. Parkes

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The paper reports two experiments conducted within the Driver Behaviour and Traffic Safety research strand of the European DRIVE programme. Each experiment was conducted using members of the general public, driving specially adapted road vehicles, in real urban environments. The first experiment, conducted in Loughborough can be seen as a validation of a(More)
The driving performance of 15 subjects in a simulated road environment has been studied both with and without a hands-free telephone conversation. Previous research on the interference of the manual use of handsets while driving, or when looking at handsfree conversations, has tended to focus on the operational control performance of the driver. This study(More)
Train driving is primarily a visual task; train drivers are required to monitor the dynamic scene visually both outside and inside the train cab. Poor performance on this visual task may lead to errors, such as signals passed at danger. It is therefore important to understand the visual strategies that train drivers employ when monitoring and searching the(More)
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